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Dear Customer:

    As a life scientist, you face daily challenges unique to your own research.  To tackle those problems you need reagents specially designed and created for your study.  The passion of our company is to supply you with such reagents.  We accomplish this through our highly personalized services: custom antibody, custom peptide and custom protein expression programs.


    Take antibodies as an example: when you need an antibody, you wouldn’t look for any antibody.  Maybe you would be interested in an antibody that recognizes a newly discovered protein? or one that targets a specific fragment of a protein? or one that distinguishes between two modification (e.g., phosphorylation) states of a protein? or one that reacts with a point mutant or an alternatively spliced isoform?


    The chance of locating such an antibody (or similar reagents) in a catalog is very slim.  Most reagent companies place their emphasis on products in mass demand.  You don’t need to be discouraged, though - our team would be glad to develop such special tools on your behalf.  Like all other biotech firms, we want to grow and thrive.  However, we simply choose to focus on your individual need and your success first.


    Our team wishes you the best luck with all your research, and look forward to working with you in the near future.



Joe Li, PhD

CEO & Senior Scientist